BIAL Foundation - 30 Years




Created on 6 May 1994 by the BIAL pharmaceutical company together with the Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities, the BIAL Foundation celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in 2024. Over three decades, the BIAL Foundation has awarded and supported those who seek to advance science and knowledge in Portugal and around the world.

Always with transparency and rigour as its flagships, and from a patronage stance, the BIAL Foundation will continue to promote research and stimulate discoveries that enable human beings to live better lives, using all their potential and respecting Universal Laws.

BIAL Foundation Chairman’s Message

“In deep gratitude to all those who have selflessly contributed to the BIAL Foundation, we affirm our will to strengthen our structure and our activities, reinforcing the quality of the science that we support and distinguish, so that we can increasingly contribute to the enlightenment of humanity, both from a physical and a spiritual point of view."

Luís Portela
Founder and Chairman of the BIAL Foundation

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