Maria de Sousa Award 2023


The Maria de Sousa Award 3rd edition - 2023 was delivered on the 16th November 2023 to five Portuguese researchers, in a ceremony that took place at Teatro Thalia, in Lisbon, and was chaired by the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Elvira Fortunato.

“Glycan2B -Deciphering novel anti-glycan autoantibodies in autoimmunity: a novel call of biomarkers in Lupus”
Dr. Inês Alves

“Prefrontal Serotonin Input in Cognitive Flexibility and its ability to revert Impairments in Stress-related Disorders”
Dr. Nuno Dinis Alves

“Syncyciotrophoblast derived extracellular vesicles in Fetal Growth Restriction”
Dr. Catarina Palma dos Reis

“Using genome-wide CRISPR genetic screens to dissect the molecular mechanisms underlying therapy resistance and sensitivity in HER2-positive gastric cancer”
Dr. João Neto

“Sleep-dependent modulation of microglia cell-state in Alzheimer’s disease”
Dr. Sara Calafate


Applications received


Rui Costa

Maria do Carmo Fonseca
Miguel Castelo-Branco
Joana Palha
Graça Porto

More information about the awarded projects here.

Watch below the best of video of the ceremony.

Watch the award ceremony here.