BIAL Award 2016 winners

BIAL Award 2016 winners

320.000 euros to 4 different works on rheumatic diseases, diabetic foot, cancer and osteoporosis in the 17th edition of the BIAL Award

•  BIAL Merit Award in Medical Sciences distinguishes Jaime Cunha Branco and co-authors for their work “EpiReumaPt – Epidemiological Study of Rheumatic Diseases in Portugal”

•  BIAL Award in Clinical Medicine distinguishes the work "Pé Di@bético (Di@betic Foot) – solutions to a major problem", authored by Maria de Jesus Dantas

•  Honourable Mention distinguishes Bruno Silva-Santos and his work "Cancer immunotherapy: changing the paradigm"

•  Honourable Mention: The second Honourable Mention of the Bial Award 2016 was given to the work “Changing the paradigm of osteoporotic fracture prevention in Portugal. From national evidence to clinical practice and guidelines”, co-authored by José Pereira da Silva and Andréa Marques.

The BIAL Award 2016 ceremony was held at Reitoria da Universidade Nova de Lisboa on the 21st of April 2017.

BIAL Award 2016 winners

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