BIAL Foundation reformulates the BIAL Award

BIAL Foundation reformulates the BIAL Award


The BIAL Foundation will launch a new award in the field of biomedicine, the BIAL Award in Biomedicine. The first edition of this new award will take place in 2019, and will recognize a work on biomedicine published from 1 January 2010 to present, with results of high quality and scientific relevance.

The cash value of this new award will be EUR 300.000 and will be given every two years, in alternate years with the BIAL Award in Clinical Medicine. This last prize seeks to recognize an intellectual, original work on any freely chosen medical topic on clinical practice with at least one native physician of a Portuguese speaking country.  

According to Luís Portela, this reformulation aims to, "in one hand, continue to reward the research carried out by Portuguese physicians within clinical practice, namely the investigation that reflects the daily life of hospitals and health care centers and which is of the utmost importance for patients. On the other hand, and by creating the BIAL Award in Biomedicine with an international dimension, the BIAL Foundation wants to recognize the most important and relevant topics that have been discovered within the biomedicine field, which marks not only the present but also the future of medicine".


The application period for the BIAL Award in Clinical Medicine will open in January 2018. The jury be chaired by Prof. Sobrinho Simões and will include Professors from Universities and Medicine Schools in Portugal.

The cash value of the BIAL Award in Clinical Medicine will be EUR 100.000 and includes the first exclusive publication of the winning work by the BIAL Foundation to be freely distributed by the Healthcare Professionals. The regulation also comprehends the attribution of two Distinctions of EUR 10.000 each.

The BIAL Award in Clinical Medicine applications may be submitted until the 31 August 2018.

BIAL Foundation reformulates the BIAL Award

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